Direct Mail

Direct Mail Printing

As part of your overall marketing mix, a direct mail campaign is still a cost effective way to engage your customers. When done well, direct mail has the potential to grab your audience’s attention and increase customer loyalty. In fact, statistics show that compared to other strategies, direct mail marketing brings in more than twice the amount for every pound you spend.

At Alphaset, we use digital print technology to print relevant, eye-catching and powerful mail pieces, including envelopes and brochures, which are guaranteed to get a positive reaction from your targeted audience. Your direct mail piece can be personalised too, not just with a name or address but with variable images and text.

Along with our printing services, we also offer direct mailing services to help your business capture clients and leads.

Want a targeted direct mail campaign? We can design, print and organise your mailing list and all your marketing materials. Get in touch now for more information and a fast quote.